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Little did New Eyes founder Julia Terry know, that one day,  we would provide new eyeglasses to an all time record of more than 13,700 children and adults in the U.S. during the last year.  Accomplished at a cost of $22.62 per pair, our lowest yet! 

Nor were blogs in existence during Ms. Terry’s time, or an understanding of how this type of digital storytelling could be used to spotlight the often unsung people, stories and insights that power a non-profit like New Eyes. 

We are thrilled to be launching our blog, EnVISION, as we look towards the year 2020, which has been heralded as a year -  and an era - of great change and innovation. As we march towards the 88th birthday of New Eyes, and meeting our 20/20 for 2020 campaign goals of raising $1 million for new glasses for US residents and one million gently used glasses for those in need overseas, we’re looking forward to sharing our stories with you. 

We’re ready to bring you new ideas, voices and stories that will bring our vision to life.  If there’s something you’ve always wondered about us, or questions about how you can help us meet our 2020 goal,  please reach out. We’re all ears...that is, all eyes! 

Enthusiastic about what our future has in store,

Jean Gajano, Executive Director of New Eyes + The New Eyes Team   

Executive Director Jean Gajano

Executive Director Jean Gajano

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