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Our Mission

New Eyes for the Needy purchases new prescription eyeglasses through a voucher program for children and adults in the United States who cannot afford glasses on their own. New Eyes accepts, recycles and distributes donated glasses for poor people overseas.


The Need

According to the CDC, 14 million Americans need but cannot afford new eyeglasses, 81% of whom live at or below the federal poverty line. Over 2.5 billion people worldwide cannot see clearly because they do not have access to eyeglasses. The ensuing loss of productivity worldwide approaches $272 billion. The clear vision from new eyeglasses allows men, women and children to build successful and independent lives.

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New Eyes provided

new eyeglasses

(and lots of smiles) to over 13,700 needy children and adults living in the U.S. last year.

It was the highest annual amount of new eyeglasses that we have ever provided since our founding in 1932 - and at a cost of $22.62 per pair of eyeglasses, an all-time low.


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2018-19 U.S. Program

New Eyes provided 13,747 new prescription eyeglasses to U.S. residents in 45 states. The top ten states served were California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia.

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Helping More to See Clearly

Over the past five years, New Eyes has increased the number of people provided with new eyeglasses by over 100%, thanks to our financial supporters, staff, volunteers and optical partners.


Clear vision From New Eyes Glasses…

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...allows adults to find employment


…enables children to succeed at school…

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…gives seniors security and independence in everyday life…

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…and opens up life’s possibilities

for everyone.


New EYes Glasses CHange Lives!



Our Global Reach

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2018-19 Overseas Program

New Eyes distributed over 430,000 pieces of assorted eyewear (gently used prescription eyeglasses, manufacturer overstock, sunglasses and readers) in 39 countries, a 75% increase from the prior year.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the reading glasses you generously sent us this past spring for women in Kenya. As you probably recall, these women create beautiful beaded jewelry to sell, and they support their families entirely through this work. Many of the women are older and have difficulty doing such close-up work, so the glasses you sent made a huge difference for them. - Barb Mackraz, Founder & President, OliveSeed Foundation



Several of the in-country Ghanaian nurses wanted to be a part of the glasses station that was placed right before check out/ prescriptions. They took the time to talk with each patient that needed to see if reading glasses would be appropriate for them. A chart was used to see what strength of reading glasses were needed. When the appropriate pair was found, they would clean and try to fit them to the patient to the best of their ability. Lots of smiles could be seen coming from this station as individuals were given the glasses to help them be able to see and read. Many commented that they were very pleased that they would be able to read the bible again which is extremely important to their faith. - Michael Buxton and Julie King, EqualMed Mission, Project C.U.R.E.


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2018-19 Financials

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. New Eyes stretches our supporters’ dollars to utilize them in an effective and efficient manner. Please view our 2018-19 financial statement below.

FY 2019 Total Income: $630,782

Net Assets as of March 31, 2019: $4,093,102



Volunteers Make it happen

Our volunteers are the most dedicated, hard-working and passionate advocates of New Eyes’ mission. Over 330 passed through our doors to lend a hand. They sort used glasses, manage our resale shop, acknowledge donations and help administrate our programs. They are simply the best - and we thank them for ALL they do!


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Can you dig it? Our 6th annual Rockin’ for New Eyes concert was a tribute to the ‘60s, with great music, groovy threads and a psychedelic vibe. Band members hail from the optical industry and donate their time and talent each and every year. We raised a lot of bread -$190,000- for our U.S. program, thanks to our many generous sponsors. Peace and love everybody!



New Eyes in the News

NJTV/PBS News visited New Eyes’ newly launched vision clinic to see what we do and how we do it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth so much more!


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We Thank Our Supporters

Because of their financial donations, sponsorships and grants, our generous funders enabled New Eyes to serve thousands of financially struggling children and adults in need of clear vision.


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